mailbag_color_cropped.jpgDear Legal Mailbag:
These helicopter parents are driving me nuts. The latest is a parent who called up and told me that we are forbidden from providing first aid to her daughter, who is in third grade. We are very uncomfortable about this; and, we really can’t see letting the poor girl bleed in class if she takes a tumble on the playground at recess. And even worse, what if she has a serious injury and emergency care is necessary? Can this parent interfere with our right to provide prompt and appropriate medical attention if and when required?

Last Call to Register for Twitter Workshop

twitter.jpgWith over 500 million users, it's hard to believe that some educators are still in the dark when it comes to the power of Twitter. It is an amazing, free professional development tool; a great resource to improve student sharing in the classroom; and, a simple way to improve communication for classrooms and entire school districts. Join us on October 15th to learn from technology expert Patrick Larkin concrete ways to utilize this great resource in school communities. 
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New Discussion Forum Open to Member School Administrators

One of the highlights of the recently-redesigned CAS website is the "Principals Talk Discussion Forum", a place where member-school administrators can pose questions to their colleagues and hold rich online discussions on a variety of subjects directly related to their positions. To participate, click here and request membership in the group, after doing so you will be able to post new topics and reply to those posted by others. After you register, be sure to let administrators at other CAS member schools know about the forum. The more people who participate, the better the conversations will be.

Attorney Tom Mooney to Present Legal Update

tom_mooney.pngAttorney Tom Mooney, well-known educational law expert, will present his annual legal update at CAS on November 13, 2013 from 4-6:00 p.m. Tom will brief members on recent changes and emerging trends that will help steer school leaders clear of legal difficulties in their schools.
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An Evening for Celebrating Excellence

collage.jpgThe CAS Recognition of Excellence in Education Reception will be held on November 19, 2013, at the Aqua Turf in Southington. This important event provides principals with an opportunity to spotlight exemplary programs and/or outstanding staff members that have brought about significant school improvement, promoted school success or had a positive impact on their school.
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Don't Miss the 2013 CIAC Sportsmanship Conference!

aric_jackson.jpgThe CIAC will host its 2013 Sportsmanship Conference, featuring keynote speaker and teen leadership specialist A'ric "The Dream Achiever" Jackson and breakout sessions with the Positive Coaching Alliance, on November 21, 2013 at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville, Conn.
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Workshop Targets Safe School Climate Committees

dave_and_joann.jpgCAS, in partnership with CSDE, is pleased to offer a half-day workshop for Safe School Climate Committee members. The goal of the workshop is to strengthen committee functioning by helping members develop or improve their school climate action plans; use school-based climate survey data; and examine their school communities using the safe school climate standards and rubric.
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State Offers Free Workshops on Learning Focused Supervision

csde.jpgOne of the major challenges facing educators implementing teacher evaluation is the ability to conduct meaningful planning and reflecting conversations. The state department of education is offering a series of workshops to help participants apply structures and tools for conducting conversations that use data to analyze professional practice and determine areas and directions for growth.
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VOLUNTEER Be Part of the CAS-CIAC Team!

Each year, the quality and effectiveness of our programs and services are dependent on the volunteer efforts of our member school administrators through their work on our various committees. Last year, more than 400 individuals served on over 90 CAS and CIAC committees. At the outset of the school year, we seek to recruit volunteers with a mind towards establishing balanced committee membership with respect to gender, ethnicity, district demographics and level of experience. Join your peers; exchange ideas; enrich us! We welcome new faces and new ideas! The time required of committee members is not burdensome; and members will find that the total experience of being active at the state level is valuable to them and, ultimately, their school. Click on the links below to volunteer for a committee(s) of interest!
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