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Beginning with the Fall, 2019 season, the CIAC has transitioned to using ArbiterSports as the entry system for game schedule information. If you would like to receive schedule change information for one or more teams you should sign up to "follow" them on ArbiterLive. You can use the menu below to go to the ArbiterLive page for any school:


The CIAC offers a mailing list which allows people to request updates on game scores for regular season contests when they are posted by member schools. You can customize your subscription to only receive information on the schools and/or sports that interest you.

If you'd prefer updates as text messages instead of emails, you can sign up for the list with your phone's email to MMS address. That address is dependent on your carrier, but will always be [your ten-digit number]@[your carrier's gateway]. For example, if your number is 203-123-4567 and your carrier is AT&T, your email to SMS address would be Below are listings of the gateways for some carriers, if your carrier is not shown below contact them to find out the proper address to use. If contacting your carrier be sure to ask for the MMS gateway (as opposed to the SMS gateway), because the messages are longer than the maximum text message length for most carriers.
Carrier Gateway
Alltel [10-Digit Number]
AT&T [10-Digit Number]
Boost Mobile [10-Digit Number]
Sprint [10-Digit Number]
T-Mobile [10-Digit Number]
Verizon [10-Digit Number]
Note: CIAC does not charge for this service,
however depending on your plan carrier charges for messages my apply.
IMPORTANT -- If you choose to use one of the services that sends a verification request to each sender, we advise you to add the following email addresses to your acceptable list as we cannot respond to each verification request we get. To be sure you receive the updates you are requesting, add the addresses and to your spam-blocking program's whitelist or allowed senders list. You may also wish to add these addresses to your e-mail program's address book, to assure that update messages are not incorrectly filtered as junk or bulk mail.


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