LL Final Unofficial Football Point Rankings
Points are unofficial until after the committee approves the totals at their meeting Friday morning
Tiebreaker Notations: *Head-To-Head +Opponents Wins and Ties ^By Lot

Team Record Opp.
Results Detail
1.Glastonbury11-0-0520/01620147.27104Wins Over: Rockville (M-1w,0t), Platt (MM-7w,0t), Simsbury (L-9w,0t), E.O. Smith (M-1w,0t), Wethersfield (MM-5w,0t), Manchester (LL-7w,0t), Fermi (M-2w,0t), Bristol Central (L-2w,0t), Southington (LL-7w,0t), East Hartford (LL-3w,0t), New Britain (LL-8w,0t) 
2.Hamden9-2-0540/01440130.91130Wins Over: Cheshire (LL-9w,0t), Daniel Hand (MM-7w,0t), West Haven (LL-6w,0t), Amity (L-7w,0t), Shelton (LL-7w,0t), Branford (MM-7w,0t), Fairfield Prep (LL-3w,0t), Lyman Hall (M-2w,0t), Wilbur Cross (LL-6w,0t)
Losses To: Xavier (LL-7w,0t), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-4w,0t) 
3.Cheshire9-2-0510/01410128.18134Wins Over: Amity (L-7w,0t), Wilbur Cross (LL-6w,0t), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-4w,0t), Sheehan (M-7w,0t), Daniel Hand (MM-7w,0t), North Haven (MM-4w,0t), West Haven (LL-6w,0t), Fairfield Prep (LL-3w,0t), Southington (LL-7w,0t)
Losses To: Hamden (LL-9w,0t), Shelton (LL-7w,0t) 
4.Newtown9-2-0410/01310119.09116Wins Over: New Milford (L-6w,0t), Pomperaug (L-6w,0t), Weston (SS-4w,0t), Oxford (S-0w,0t), New Fairfield (M-4w,0t), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-2w,0t), Stratford (SS-4w,0t), Brookfield (M-9w,0t), Bethel (M-6w,0t)
Losses To: Shelton (LL-7w,0t), Masuk (L-10w,0t) 
5.New Britain8-3-0410/01210110.00138Wins Over: Conard (L-2w,0t), Newington (L-9w,0t), Bloomfield (S-5w,0t), Hall (L-7w,0t), East Hartford (LL-3w,0t), Rockville (M-1w,0t), Manchester (LL-7w,0t), Southington (LL-7w,0t)
Losses To: Weaver (MM-8w,0t), Simsbury (L-9w,0t), Glastonbury (LL-11w,0t) 
6.Greenwich8-3-0380/01180107.27126Wins Over: Bridgeport Central (LL-3w,0t), Brien McMahon (L-3w,0t), Danbury (LL-4w,0t), Trumbull (LL-7w,0t), Wilton (MM-5w,0t), Stamford (LL-6w,0t), Westhill (LL-4w,0t), Staples (LL-6w,0t)
Losses To: Darien (MM-10w,0t), Ridgefield (LL-8w,0t), St. Joseph (Montvale, NJ) (M-7w,0t) 
7.Ridgefield8-3-0350/01150104.55126Wins Over: Harding (L-1w,0t), Staples (LL-6w,0t), Greenwich (LL-8w,0t), Fairfield Ludlowe (MM-4w,0t), Wilton (MM-5w,0t), Westhill (LL-4w,0t), Brien McMahon (L-3w,0t), Danbury (LL-4w,0t)
Losses To: New Canaan (MM-11w,0t), Darien (MM-10w,0t), Norwalk (L-7w,0t) 
8.Southington7-4-0430/01130102.73156Wins Over: Weaver (MM-8w,0t), Bristol Eastern (MM-8w,0t), Conard (L-2w,0t), Simsbury (L-9w,0t), Manchester (LL-7w,0t), East Hartford (LL-3w,0t), Hartford Public (L-6w,0t)
Losses To: Bergen Catholic (NJ) (L-7w,0t), Glastonbury (LL-11w,0t), New Britain (LL-8w,0t), Cheshire (LL-9w,0t) 
9.Xavier7-4-0440/01110100.91132Wins Over: Northwest Catholic (S-8w,0t), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-4w,0t), Shelton (LL-7w,0t), Branford (MM-7w,0t), Guilford (M-4w,0t), Hamden (LL-9w,0t), Middletown (MM-5w,0t)
Losses To: Wilbur Cross (LL-6w,0t), Amity (L-7w,0t), Fairfield Prep (LL-3w,0t), West Haven (LL-6w,0t) 
10.Shelton7-4-0400/01100100.00148Wins Over: Newtown (LL-9w,0t), West Haven (LL-6w,0t), Cheshire (LL-9w,0t), Jonathan Law (M-3w,0t), Fairfield Prep (LL-3w,0t), Amity (L-7w,0t), Derby (M-3w,0t)
Losses To: Xavier (LL-7w,0t), Hamden (LL-9w,0t), Hillhouse (MM-11w,0t), Daniel Hand (MM-7w,0t) 
11.Trumbull7-3-0280/098098.00111Wins Over: Stamford (LL-6w,0t), Bridgeport Central (LL-3w,0t), Fairfield Ludlowe (MM-4w,0t), Harding (L-1w,0t), Westhill (LL-4w,0t), Danbury (LL-4w,0t), St. Joseph (SS-6w,0t)
Losses To: New Canaan (MM-11w,0t), Catholic Memorial (MA) (MM-8w,1t), Greenwich (LL-8w,0t) 
12.Norwich Free Academy6-4-0280/088088.00120Wins Over: East Lyme (MM-4w,0t), Killingly (S-3w,0t), Bacon Academy (M-3w,0t), Fitch (L-2w,0t), Ledyard (M-9w,0t), Windham (M-7w,0t)
Losses To: Stamford (LL-6w,0t), Griswold (S-7w,0t), Mansfield (MA) (L-9w,0t), New London (SS-10w,0t) 
13.West Haven6-4-0270/087087.00118Wins Over: Notre Dame-West Haven (L-4w,0t), Foran (SS-7w,0t), East Haven (M-0w,0t), Wilbur Cross (LL-6w,0t), Xavier (LL-7w,0t), Fairfield Prep (LL-3w,0t)
Losses To: Shelton (LL-7w,0t), Hamden (LL-9w,0t), Daniel Hand (MM-7w,0t), Cheshire (LL-9w,0t) 
14.Stamford6-5-0300/090081.82120Wins Over: Norwich Free Academy (LL-6w,0t), St. Joseph (SS-6w,0t), Trinity Catholic (S-7w,0t), Fairfield Ludlowe (MM-4w,0t), Bridgeport Central (LL-3w,0t), Westhill (LL-4w,0t)
Losses To: Trumbull (LL-7w,0t), Staples (LL-6w,0t), Wilton (MM-5w,0t), Danbury (LL-4w,0t), Greenwich (LL-8w,0t) 
15.Wilbur Cross6-5-0300/088080.00144Wins Over: Hyde Leadership (S-9w,0t), Xavier (LL-7w,0t), Amity (L-7w,0t), Derby (M-3w,0t), East Haven (M-0w,0t), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-4w,0t)
Losses To: Cheshire (LL-9w,0t), West Haven (LL-6w,0t), Daniel Hand (MM-7w,0t), Hamden (LL-9w,0t), Hillhouse (MM-11w,0t) 
16.Manchester7-4-0180/086078.18106Wins Over: East Catholic (SS-3w,0t), Bulkeley (L-3w,0t), E.O. Smith (M-1w,0t), Wethersfield (MM-5w,0t), Fermi (M-2w,0t), Rockville (M-1w,0t), East Hartford (LL-3w,0t)
Losses To: Glastonbury (LL-11w,0t), Southington (LL-7w,0t), New Britain (LL-8w,0t), Simsbury (L-9w,0t) 
17.South Windsor7-4-0150/085077.2782Wins Over: Farmington (L-1w,0t), Bristol Central (L-2w,0t), E.O. Smith (M-1w,0t), Fermi (M-2w,0t), Maloney (L-2w,0t), Hartford Public (L-6w,0t), Rockville (M-1w,0t)
Losses To: Simsbury (L-9w,0t), Windsor (L-9w,0t), East Hartford (LL-3w,0t), Bloomfield (S-5w,0t) 
18.Staples6-5-0210/081073.64130Wins Over: Brien McMahon (L-3w,0t), Harding (L-1w,0t), Stamford (LL-6w,0t), Danbury (LL-4w,0t), North Andover (MA) (L-3w,0t), Fairfield Ludlowe (MM-4w,0t)
Losses To: Ridgefield (LL-8w,0t), New Canaan (MM-11w,0t), Norwalk (L-7w,0t), Darien (MM-10w,0t), Greenwich (LL-8w,0t) 
19.Danbury4-7-0200/059053.64146Wins Over: Westhill (LL-4w,0t), Rutland (VT) (MM-7w,0t), Stamford (LL-6w,0t), Bridgeport Central (LL-3w,0t)
Losses To: New Canaan (MM-11w,0t), Greenwich (LL-8w,0t), Staples (LL-6w,0t), Norwalk (L-7w,0t), St. Joseph (SS-6w,0t), Trumbull (LL-7w,0t), Ridgefield (LL-8w,0t) 
20.Westhill4-7-0160/055050.00118Wins Over: Platt Tech (MM-5w,0t), Brien McMahon (L-3w,0t), Wilton (MM-5w,0t), Bridgeport Central (LL-3w,0t)
Losses To: Danbury (LL-4w,0t), Trinity Catholic (S-7w,0t), Fairfield Warde (MM-3w,0t), Ridgefield (LL-8w,0t), Trumbull (LL-7w,0t), Greenwich (LL-8w,0t), Stamford (LL-6w,0t) 
21.Fairfield Prep3-7-0140/044044.00140Wins Over: Notre Dame-West Haven (L-4w,0t), Jonathan Law (M-3w,0t), Xavier (LL-7w,0t)
Losses To: Daniel Hand (MM-7w,0t), Amity (L-7w,0t), Hillhouse (MM-11w,0t), Shelton (LL-7w,0t), Hamden (LL-9w,0t), Cheshire (LL-9w,0t), West Haven (LL-6w,0t) 
22.East Hartford3-8-090/039035.45130Wins Over: South Windsor (LL-7w,0t), Rockville (M-1w,0t), Farmington (L-1w,0t)
Losses To: Wethersfield (MM-5w,0t), Bristol Central (L-2w,0t), New Britain (LL-8w,0t), Simsbury (L-9w,0t), Southington (LL-7w,0t), Platt (MM-7w,0t), Glastonbury (LL-11w,0t), Manchester (LL-7w,0t) 
23.Bridgeport Central3-8-060/036032.73120Wins Over: Bassick (L-2w,0t), Fairfield Warde (MM-3w,0t), Harding (L-1w,0t)
Losses To: Greenwich (LL-8w,0t), Trumbull (LL-7w,0t), Norwalk (L-7w,0t), Westhill (LL-4w,0t), Darien (MM-10w,0t), Northwest Catholic (S-8w,0t), Danbury (LL-4w,0t), Stamford (LL-6w,0t) 

L Final Unofficial Football Point Rankings
Points are unofficial until after the committee approves the totals at their meeting Friday morning
Tiebreaker Notations: *Head-To-Head +Opponents Wins and Ties ^By Lot

Team Record Opp.
Results Detail
1.Masuk10-1-0510/01510137.27120Wins Over: Fitch (L-2w,0t), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-2w,0t), Joel Barlow (SS-5w,0t), Stratford (SS-4w,0t), Bethel (M-6w,0t), Bunnell (L-9w,0t), Immaculate (S-2w,0t), New Milford (L-6w,0t), Pomperaug (L-6w,0t), Newtown (LL-9w,0t)
Losses To: Brookfield (M-9w,0t) 
2.Simsbury9-2-0440/01340121.82124Wins Over: South Windsor (LL-7w,0t), Maloney (L-2w,0t), Bloomfield (S-5w,0t), Windsor (L-9w,0t), East Hartford (LL-3w,0t), Conard (L-2w,0t), New Britain (LL-8w,0t), Manchester (LL-7w,0t), Farmington (L-1w,0t)
Losses To: Glastonbury (LL-11w,0t), Southington (LL-7w,0t) 
3.Newington9-2-0410/01310119.09114Wins Over: Hall (L-7w,0t), Weaver (MM-8w,0t), Conard (L-2w,0t), Bloomfield (S-5w,0t), Bristol Central (L-2w,0t), Maloney (L-2w,0t), Platt (MM-7w,0t), Bulkeley (L-3w,0t), Wethersfield (MM-5w,0t)
Losses To: New Britain (LL-8w,0t), Bristol Eastern (MM-8w,0t) 
4.Windsor9-2-0400/01300118.18108Wins Over: Hartford Public (L-6w,0t), South Windsor (LL-7w,0t), Bristol Central (L-2w,0t), Maloney (L-2w,0t), Hall (L-7w,0t), Farmington (L-1w,0t), Weaver (MM-8w,0t), Conard (L-2w,0t), Bloomfield (S-5w,0t)
Losses To: Simsbury (L-9w,0t), Wethersfield (MM-5w,0t) 
5.Crosby9-2-0390/01290117.27114Wins Over: Holy Cross (SS-5w,0t), Torrington (MM-5w,0t), Watertown (M-6w,0t), Sacred Heart (S-1w,0t), Naugatuck (L-3w,0t), Woodland (SS-4w,0t), Ansonia (S-10w,0t), Wilby (MM-0w,0t), Kennedy (MM-5w,0t)
Losses To: Seymour (SS-10w,0t), Wolcott (SS-8w,0t) 
6.Bunnell9-2-0360/01250113.64110Wins Over: Middletown (MM-5w,0t), Pomperaug (L-6w,0t), Weston (SS-4w,0t), Oxford (S-0w,0t), New Fairfield (M-4w,0t), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-2w,0t), Bethel (M-6w,0t), Joel Barlow (SS-5w,0t), Stratford (SS-4w,0t)
Losses To: Masuk (L-10w,0t), Brookfield (M-9w,0t) 
7.Norwalk7-3-0270/097097.0094Wins Over: Harding (L-1w,0t), Bridgeport Central (LL-3w,0t), Bassick (L-2w,0t), Danbury (LL-4w,0t), Staples (LL-6w,0t), Ridgefield (LL-8w,0t), Brien McMahon (L-3w,0t)
Losses To: Fairfield Ludlowe (MM-4w,0t), Wilton (MM-5w,0t), New Canaan (MM-11w,0t) 
8.Amity7-4-0310/0101091.82124Wins Over: Branford (MM-7w,0t), Fairfield Prep (LL-3w,0t), Lyman Hall (M-2w,0t), Guilford (M-4w,0t), Xavier (LL-7w,0t), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-4w,0t), North Haven (MM-4w,0t)
Losses To: Cheshire (LL-9w,0t), Wilbur Cross (LL-6w,0t), Hamden (LL-9w,0t), Shelton (LL-7w,0t) 
9.Hall7-4-0210/091082.73110Wins Over: Rockville (M-1w,0t), Maloney (L-2w,0t), Bristol Central (L-2w,0t), Farmington (L-1w,0t), Bristol Eastern (MM-8w,0t), Wethersfield (MM-5w,0t), Conard (L-2w,0t)
Losses To: Newington (L-9w,0t), New Britain (LL-8w,0t), Windsor (L-9w,0t), Weaver (MM-8w,0t) 
10.New Milford6-5-0180/078070.91104Wins Over: Immaculate (S-2w,0t), Pomperaug (L-6w,0t), Weston (SS-4w,0t), Oxford (S-0w,0t), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-2w,0t), Stratford (SS-4w,0t)
Losses To: Bethel (M-6w,0t), Newtown (LL-9w,0t), Joel Barlow (SS-5w,0t), Masuk (L-10w,0t), New Fairfield (M-4w,0t) 
11.Pomperaug6-5-0170/077070.00116Wins Over: Immaculate (S-2w,0t), Joel Barlow (SS-5w,0t), Weston (SS-4w,0t), New Fairfield (M-4w,0t), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-2w,0t), Oxford (S-0w,0t)
Losses To: Windham (M-7w,0t), Bunnell (L-9w,0t), Newtown (LL-9w,0t), New Milford (L-6w,0t), Masuk (L-10w,0t) 
12.Hartford Public6-5-0140/074067.27106Wins Over: Conard (L-2w,0t), Bulkeley (L-3w,0t), Rockville (M-1w,0t), Bloomfield (S-5w,0t), E.O. Smith (M-1w,0t), Fermi (M-2w,0t)
Losses To: Windsor (L-9w,0t), Bristol Eastern (MM-8w,0t), South Windsor (LL-7w,0t), Southington (LL-7w,0t), Weaver (MM-8w,0t) 
13.Notre Dame-West Haven4-6-0260/066066.00128Wins Over: Derby (M-3w,0t), Daniel Hand (MM-7w,0t), Foran (SS-7w,0t), Hamden (LL-9w,0t)
Losses To: Fairfield Prep (LL-3w,0t), Xavier (LL-7w,0t), West Haven (LL-6w,0t), Cheshire (LL-9w,0t), Wilbur Cross (LL-6w,0t), Amity (L-7w,0t) 
14.Brien McMahon3-8-080/038034.55128Wins Over: Fairfield Warde (MM-3w,0t), Harding (L-1w,0t), Fairfield Ludlowe (MM-4w,0t)
Losses To: Staples (LL-6w,0t), Greenwich (LL-8w,0t), Westhill (LL-4w,0t), Darien (MM-10w,0t), St. Joseph (SS-6w,0t), Trinity Catholic (S-7w,0t), Ridgefield (LL-8w,0t), Norwalk (L-7w,0t) 
15.Naugatuck3-8-060/036032.73126Wins Over: Wilby (MM-0w,0t), Kennedy (MM-5w,0t), Sacred Heart (S-1w,0t)
Losses To: Wolcott (SS-8w,0t), Seymour (SS-10w,0t), Crosby (L-9w,0t), Torrington (MM-5w,0t), Watertown (M-6w,0t), Woodland (SS-4w,0t), Holy Cross (SS-5w,0t), Ansonia (S-10w,0t) 
16.Bulkeley3-8-050/033030.00114Wins Over: Fermi (M-2w,0t), Bristol Central (L-2w,0t), SMSA (S-1w,0t)
Losses To: Manchester (LL-7w,0t), Wethersfield (MM-5w,0t), Hartford Public (L-6w,0t), Weaver (MM-8w,0t), Platt (MM-7w,0t), Bristol Eastern (MM-8w,0t), Maloney (L-2w,0t), Newington (L-9w,0t) 
17.Conard2-9-060/026023.64154Wins Over: Wethersfield (MM-5w,0t), Farmington (L-1w,0t)
Losses To: New Britain (LL-8w,0t), Hartford Public (L-6w,0t), Bristol Eastern (MM-8w,0t), Newington (L-9w,0t), Southington (LL-7w,0t), Weaver (MM-8w,0t), Simsbury (L-9w,0t), Windsor (L-9w,0t), Hall (L-7w,0t) 
18.Bristol Central2-9-050/025022.73142Wins Over: East Hartford (LL-3w,0t), Maloney (L-2w,0t)
Losses To: Bloomfield (S-5w,0t), Windsor (L-9w,0t), Hall (L-7w,0t), South Windsor (LL-7w,0t), Newington (L-9w,0t), Platt (MM-7w,0t), Glastonbury (LL-11w,0t), Bulkeley (L-3w,0t), Bristol Eastern (MM-8w,0t) 
19.Fitch+2-9-050/024021.82158Wins Over: East Lyme (MM-4w,0t), RHAM (MM-1w,0t)
Losses To: Masuk (L-10w,0t), Montville (SS-9w,0t), St. Bernard (SS-8w,0t), Windham (M-7w,0t), Waterford (SS-7w,0t), Norwich Free Academy (LL-6w,0t), New London (SS-10w,0t), Stonington (SS-8w,0t), Ledyard (M-9w,0t) 
20.Maloney+2-9-040/024021.82128Wins Over: Rockville (M-1w,0t), Bulkeley (L-3w,0t)
Losses To: Lyman Hall (M-2w,0t), Simsbury (L-9w,0t), Hall (L-7w,0t), Windsor (L-9w,0t), Bristol Eastern (MM-8w,0t), Newington (L-9w,0t), South Windsor (LL-7w,0t), Bristol Central (L-2w,0t), Platt (MM-7w,0t) 
21.Bassick2-9-060/024021.82124Wins Over: Harding (L-1w,0t), Bullard Havens Tech (SS-5w,0t)
Losses To: St. Joseph (SS-6w,0t), Bridgeport Central (LL-3w,0t), Wilton (MM-5w,0t), Darien (MM-10w,0t), Fairfield Ludlowe (MM-4w,0t), Norwalk (L-7w,0t), New Canaan (MM-11w,0t), Fairfield Warde (MM-3w,0t), Trinity Catholic (S-7w,0t) 
22.Harding1-10-050/013011.82110Wins Over: Bullard Havens Tech (SS-5w,0t)
Losses To: Ridgefield (LL-8w,0t), Staples (LL-6w,0t), Norwalk (L-7w,0t), Fairfield Ludlowe (MM-4w,0t), Trinity Catholic (S-7w,0t), Brien McMahon (L-3w,0t), Bassick (L-2w,0t), Trumbull (LL-7w,0t), Fairfield Warde (MM-3w,0t), Bridgeport Central (LL-3w,0t) 
23.Farmington1-10-010/011010.00120Wins Over: E.O. Smith (M-1w,0t)
Losses To: Fermi (M-2w,0t), Platt (MM-7w,0t), South Windsor (LL-7w,0t), East Hartford (LL-3w,0t), Hall (L-7w,0t), Weaver (MM-8w,0t), Windsor (L-9w,0t), Conard (L-2w,0t), Wethersfield (MM-5w,0t), Simsbury (L-9w,0t) 

MM Final Unofficial Football Point Rankings
Points are unofficial until after the committee approves the totals at their meeting Friday morning
Tiebreaker Notations: *Head-To-Head +Opponents Wins and Ties ^By Lot

Team Record Opp.
Results Detail
1.New Canaan11-0-0650/01810164.55130Wins Over: Trumbull (LL-7w,0t), Ridgefield (LL-8w,0t), Danbury (LL-4w,0t), Fairfield Warde (MM-3w,0t), Norwalk (L-7w,0t), St. Joseph (SS-6w,0t), Staples (LL-6w,0t), Bassick (L-2w,0t), Trinity Catholic (S-7w,0t), Wilton (MM-5w,0t), Darien (MM-10w,0t) 
2.Hillhouse11-0-0520/01640149.09104Wins Over: Hoboken (NJ) (S-6w,0t), Derby (M-3w,0t), North Haven (MM-4w,0t), Branford (MM-7w,0t), Lyman Hall (M-2w,0t), Fairfield Prep (LL-3w,0t), Jonathan Law (M-3w,0t), Shelton (LL-7w,0t), Guilford (M-4w,0t), Sheehan (M-7w,0t), Wilbur Cross (LL-6w,0t) 
3.Darien10-1-0510/01570142.73124Wins Over: Trinity Catholic (S-7w,0t), Greenwich (LL-8w,0t), Ridgefield (LL-8w,0t), Bassick (L-2w,0t), Brien McMahon (L-3w,0t), Wilton (MM-5w,0t), Bridgeport Central (LL-3w,0t), Fairfield Warde (MM-3w,0t), Staples (LL-6w,0t), St. Joseph (SS-6w,0t)
Losses To: New Canaan (MM-11w,0t) 
4.Weaver8-3-0400/01260114.55130Wins Over: Bristol Eastern (MM-8w,0t), New Britain (LL-8w,0t), Bulkeley (L-3w,0t), Conard (L-2w,0t), Farmington (L-1w,0t), Wethersfield (MM-5w,0t), Hall (L-7w,0t), Hartford Public (L-6w,0t)
Losses To: Southington (LL-7w,0t), Newington (L-9w,0t), Windsor (L-9w,0t) 
5.Bristol Eastern8-3-0360/01220110.91116Wins Over: Bloomfield (S-5w,0t), Conard (L-2w,0t), Hartford Public (L-6w,0t), Maloney (L-2w,0t), Bulkeley (L-3w,0t), Newington (L-9w,0t), Platt (MM-7w,0t), Bristol Central (L-2w,0t)
Losses To: Weaver (MM-8w,0t), Southington (LL-7w,0t), Hall (L-7w,0t) 
6.Daniel Hand7-4-0370/01110100.91138Wins Over: Fairfield Prep (LL-3w,0t), Sheehan (M-7w,0t), West Haven (LL-6w,0t), North Haven (MM-4w,0t), Wilbur Cross (LL-6w,0t), Shelton (LL-7w,0t), Guilford (M-4w,0t)
Losses To: New London (SS-10w,0t), Hamden (LL-9w,0t), Cheshire (LL-9w,0t), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-4w,0t) 
7.Branford7-4-0230/093084.55114Wins Over: North Haven (MM-4w,0t), Derby (M-3w,0t), Lyman Hall (M-2w,0t), Guilford (M-4w,0t), Jonathan Law (M-3w,0t), Foran (SS-7w,0t), East Haven (M-0w,0t)
Losses To: Amity (L-7w,0t), Hillhouse (MM-11w,0t), Xavier (LL-7w,0t), Hamden (LL-9w,0t) 
8.Platt7-4-0140/089080.9198Wins Over: Farmington (L-1w,0t), Fermi (M-2w,0t), E.O. Smith (M-1w,0t), Bulkeley (L-3w,0t), Bristol Central (L-2w,0t), East Hartford (LL-3w,0t), Maloney (L-2w,0t)
Losses To: Sheehan (M-7w,0t), Glastonbury (LL-11w,0t), Newington (L-9w,0t), Bristol Eastern (MM-8w,0t) 
9.Wilton5-6-0240/077070.00144Wins Over: Fairfield Warde (MM-3w,0t), Norwalk (L-7w,0t), Bassick (L-2w,0t), Stamford (LL-6w,0t), St. Joseph (SS-6w,0t)
Losses To: Westhill (LL-4w,0t), Darien (MM-10w,0t), Ridgefield (LL-8w,0t), Greenwich (LL-8w,0t), New Canaan (MM-11w,0t), Trinity Catholic (S-7w,0t) 
10.Vinal Tech/Coginchaug6-5-0130/073066.36112Wins Over: Wolcott Tech (SS-0w,0t), Stafford (S-3w,0t), Morgan (S-3w,0t), Windsor Locks (MM-0w,0t), Old Saybrook (S-5w,0t), Canton (S-2w,0t)
Losses To: Haddam-Killingworth (S-6w,0t), Cromwell (S-10w,0t), North Branford (S-10w,0t), Valley Regional (S-8w,0t), Hyde Leadership (S-9w,0t) 
11.Wethersfield5-6-0170/071064.55122Wins Over: East Hartford (LL-3w,0t), E.O. Smith (M-1w,0t), Bulkeley (L-3w,0t), Windsor (L-9w,0t), Farmington (L-1w,0t)
Losses To: Manchester (LL-7w,0t), Glastonbury (LL-11w,0t), Conard (L-2w,0t), Weaver (MM-8w,0t), Hall (L-7w,0t), Newington (L-9w,0t) 
12.Middletown5-6-0180/067060.91134Wins Over: Enfield (M-7w,0t), Prince Tech (S-6w,0t), RHAM (MM-1w,0t), East Catholic (SS-3w,0t), Plainville (SS-1w,0t)
Losses To: Bunnell (L-9w,0t), Berlin (M-6w,0t), Northwest Catholic (S-8w,0t), St. Paul Catholic (M-9w,0t), Rocky Hill (SS-10w,0t), Xavier (LL-7w,0t) 
13.Torrington+5-6-0150/066060.00122Wins Over: Holy Cross (SS-5w,0t), Wilby (MM-0w,0t), Naugatuck (L-3w,0t), Sacred Heart (S-1w,0t), Watertown (M-6w,0t)
Losses To: Seymour (SS-10w,0t), Crosby (L-9w,0t), Woodland (SS-4w,0t), Wolcott (SS-8w,0t), Ansonia (S-10w,0t), Kennedy (MM-5w,0t) 
14.Platt Tech5-5-0100/060060.0084Wins Over: Wright Tech (S-2w,0t), Capital Prep (S-2w,0t), SMSA (S-1w,0t), Wilcox Tech (SS-3w,0t), Wright Tech (S-2w,0t)
Losses To: Foran (SS-7w,0t), Westhill (LL-4w,0t), Prince Tech (S-6w,0t), Cheney Tech (M-10w,0t), Bullard Havens Tech (SS-5w,0t) 
15.Kennedy5-6-0150/065059.09122Wins Over: Holy Cross (SS-5w,0t), Sacred Heart (S-1w,0t), Wilby (MM-0w,0t), Torrington (MM-5w,0t), Woodland (SS-4w,0t)
Losses To: Watertown (M-6w,0t), Ansonia (S-10w,0t), Naugatuck (L-3w,0t), Wolcott (SS-8w,0t), Seymour (SS-10w,0t), Crosby (L-9w,0t) 
16.Fairfield Ludlowe4-7-0130/056050.91112Wins Over: Norwalk (L-7w,0t), Harding (L-1w,0t), Bassick (L-2w,0t), Fairfield Warde (MM-3w,0t)
Losses To: St. Joseph (SS-6w,0t), Trinity Catholic (S-7w,0t), Ridgefield (LL-8w,0t), Trumbull (LL-7w,0t), Stamford (LL-6w,0t), Brien McMahon (L-3w,0t), Staples (LL-6w,0t) 
17.East Lyme4-7-0120/051046.36120Wins Over: East Haven (M-0w,0t), Griswold (S-7w,0t), Woodstock Academy (MM-4w,0t), Plainville (SS-1w,0t)
Losses To: Norwich Free Academy (LL-6w,0t), Ledyard (M-9w,0t), Windham (M-7w,0t), Plainfield (SS-8w,0t), Fitch (L-2w,0t), Montville (SS-9w,0t), Waterford (SS-7w,0t) 
18.North Haven4-7-0100/050045.45130Wins Over: Guilford (M-4w,0t), Derby (M-3w,0t), East Haven (M-0w,0t), Jonathan Law (M-3w,0t)
Losses To: Branford (MM-7w,0t), Hillhouse (MM-11w,0t), Foran (SS-7w,0t), Daniel Hand (MM-7w,0t), Sheehan (M-7w,0t), Cheshire (LL-9w,0t), Amity (L-7w,0t) 
19.Woodstock Academy4-7-070/046041.82116Wins Over: Killingly (S-3w,0t), Putnam (S-2w,0t), Capital Prep (S-2w,0t), Tourtellotte (M-0w,0t)
Losses To: Griswold (S-7w,0t), St. Bernard (SS-8w,0t), Stonington (SS-8w,0t), Montville (SS-9w,0t), East Lyme (MM-4w,0t), Plainfield (SS-8w,0t), Waterford (SS-7w,0t) 
20.Fairfield Warde3-8-070/040036.36112Wins Over: Westhill (LL-4w,0t), Bassick (L-2w,0t), Harding (L-1w,0t)
Losses To: Wilton (MM-5w,0t), Brien McMahon (L-3w,0t), St. Joseph (SS-6w,0t), New Canaan (MM-11w,0t), Bridgeport Central (LL-3w,0t), Trinity Catholic (S-7w,0t), Darien (MM-10w,0t), Fairfield Ludlowe (MM-4w,0t) 
21.RHAM/Lyman Memorial1-10-010/011010.00128Wins Over: Plainville (SS-1w,0t)
Losses To: Cheney Tech (M-10w,0t), Rocky Hill (SS-10w,0t), Northwest Catholic (S-8w,0t), Middletown (MM-5w,0t), Enfield (M-7w,0t), Berlin (M-6w,0t), East Catholic (SS-3w,0t), St. Paul Catholic (M-9w,0t), Fitch (L-2w,0t), Bacon Academy (M-3w,0t) 
22.Wilby+0-11-00/000.00132Losses To: Naugatuck (L-3w,0t), Holy Cross (SS-5w,0t), Ansonia (S-10w,0t), Torrington (MM-5w,0t), Watertown (M-6w,0t), Woodland (SS-4w,0t), Seymour (SS-10w,0t), Kennedy (MM-5w,0t), Wolcott (SS-8w,0t), Crosby (L-9w,0t), Sacred Heart (S-1w,0t) 
23.Windsor Locks/Suffield0-11-00/000.00124Losses To: Ellington (SS-7w,0t), Avon (M-9w,0t), Canton (S-2w,0t), Coventry (M-5w,0t), Morgan (S-3w,0t), St. Paul Catholic (M-9w,0t), Tolland (SS-8w,0t), Gilbert (SS-5w,0t), Housatonic Regional (S-5w,0t), Vinal Tech (MM-6w,0t), Stafford (S-3w,0t) 

M Final Unofficial Football Point Rankings
Points are unofficial until after the committee approves the totals at their meeting Friday morning
Tiebreaker Notations: *Head-To-Head +Opponents Wins and Ties ^By Lot

Team Record Opp.
Results Detail
1.Brookfield9-1-0420/01340134.00102Wins Over: Oxford (S-0w,0t), New Fairfield (M-4w,0t), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-2w,0t), Masuk (L-10w,0t), Stratford (SS-4w,0t), Joel Barlow (SS-5w,0t), Bunnell (L-9w,0t), Immaculate (S-2w,0t), Bethel (M-6w,0t)
Losses To: Newtown (LL-9w,0t) 
2.Ledyard9-2-0510/01420129.09126Wins Over: Waterford (SS-7w,0t), Windham (M-7w,0t), East Lyme (MM-4w,0t), Putnam (S-2w,0t), Bacon Academy (M-3w,0t), St. Bernard (SS-8w,0t), Plainfield (SS-8w,0t), New London (SS-10w,0t), Fitch (L-2w,0t)
Losses To: Berlin (M-6w,0t), Norwich Free Academy (LL-6w,0t) 
3.Cheney Tech10-0-0290/01270127.0058Wins Over: RHAM (MM-1w,0t), Capital Prep (S-2w,0t), SMSA (S-1w,0t), Wilcox Tech (SS-3w,0t), Wright Tech (S-2w,0t), Platt Tech (MM-5w,0t), Bullard Havens Tech (SS-5w,0t), Plainville (SS-1w,0t), Prince Tech (S-6w,0t), East Catholic (SS-3w,0t) 
4.Avon9-2-0380/01280116.36114Wins Over: Windsor Locks (MM-0w,0t), Coventry (M-5w,0t), Housatonic Regional (S-5w,0t), Tolland (SS-8w,0t), Ellington (SS-7w,0t), Canton (S-2w,0t), Gilbert (SS-5w,0t), Morgan (S-3w,0t), Stafford (S-3w,0t)
Losses To: Cromwell (S-10w,0t), Hyde Leadership (S-9w,0t) 
5.St. Paul/Goodwin Tech/Lewis Mills9-2-0280/01160105.4588Wins Over: Oxford (S-0w,0t), Northwest Catholic (S-8w,0t), East Catholic (SS-3w,0t), Plainville (SS-1w,0t), Enfield (M-7w,0t), Windsor Locks (MM-0w,0t), Middletown (MM-5w,0t), RHAM (MM-1w,0t), Wilcox Tech (SS-3w,0t)
Losses To: Rocky Hill (SS-10w,0t), Berlin (M-6w,0t) 
6.Windham7-4-0250/097088.18116Wins Over: Pomperaug (L-6w,0t), Fitch (L-2w,0t), Killingly (S-3w,0t), East Lyme (MM-4w,0t), Bacon Academy (M-3w,0t), Berlin (M-6w,0t), E.O. Smith (M-1w,0t)
Losses To: Ledyard (M-9w,0t), Stonington (SS-8w,0t), New London (SS-10w,0t), Norwich Free Academy (LL-6w,0t) 
7.Berlin6-4-0280/088088.00120Wins Over: Ledyard (M-9w,0t), Plainville (SS-1w,0t), Middletown (MM-5w,0t), East Catholic (SS-3w,0t), RHAM (MM-1w,0t), St. Paul Catholic (M-9w,0t)
Losses To: Rocky Hill (SS-10w,0t), Enfield (M-7w,0t), Northwest Catholic (S-8w,0t), Windham (M-7w,0t) 
8.Sheehan7-4-0230/093084.55114Wins Over: Platt (MM-7w,0t), Guilford (M-4w,0t), Jonathan Law (M-3w,0t), East Haven (M-0w,0t), North Haven (MM-4w,0t), Derby (M-3w,0t), Lyman Hall (M-2w,0t)
Losses To: Daniel Hand (MM-7w,0t), Cheshire (LL-9w,0t), Foran (SS-7w,0t), Hillhouse (MM-11w,0t) 
9.Enfield7-4-0180/086078.18100Wins Over: Capital Prep (S-2w,0t), RHAM (MM-1w,0t), Plainville (SS-1w,0t), Berlin (M-6w,0t), East Catholic (SS-3w,0t), Wilcox Tech (SS-3w,0t), Fermi (M-2w,0t)
Losses To: Middletown (MM-5w,0t), Rocky Hill (SS-10w,0t), St. Paul Catholic (M-9w,0t), Northwest Catholic (S-8w,0t) 
10.Bethel6-5-0210/082074.55124Wins Over: New Milford (L-6w,0t), Weston (SS-4w,0t), Oxford (S-0w,0t), New Fairfield (M-4w,0t), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-2w,0t), Joel Barlow (SS-5w,0t)
Losses To: Masuk (L-10w,0t), Stratford (SS-4w,0t), Bunnell (L-9w,0t), Newtown (LL-9w,0t), Brookfield (M-9w,0t) 
11.Watertown6-5-0180/079071.82120Wins Over: Kennedy (MM-5w,0t), Woodland (SS-4w,0t), Holy Cross (SS-5w,0t), Wilby (MM-0w,0t), Sacred Heart (S-1w,0t), Naugatuck (L-3w,0t)
Losses To: Crosby (L-9w,0t), Ansonia (S-10w,0t), Seymour (SS-10w,0t), Wolcott (SS-8w,0t), Torrington (MM-5w,0t) 
12.Coventry/Windham Tech5-6-0110/061055.45112Wins Over: Canton (S-2w,0t), Stafford (S-3w,0t), Windsor Locks (MM-0w,0t), Gilbert (SS-5w,0t), Nonnewaug (SS-1w,0t)
Losses To: Avon (M-9w,0t), Haddam-Killingworth (S-6w,0t), Ellington (SS-7w,0t), Tolland (SS-8w,0t), Housatonic Regional (S-5w,0t), Cromwell (S-10w,0t) 
13.New Fairfield4-7-0120/053048.18120Wins Over: Immaculate (S-2w,0t), Weston (SS-4w,0t), Oxford (S-0w,0t), New Milford (L-6w,0t)
Losses To: Paramus Catholic (NJ) (MM-5w,0t), Stratford (SS-4w,0t), Brookfield (M-9w,0t), Bethel (M-6w,0t), Bunnell (L-9w,0t), Newtown (LL-9w,0t), Pomperaug (L-6w,0t) 
14.Guilford4-7-0120/052047.27124Wins Over: Foran (SS-7w,0t), Lyman Hall (M-2w,0t), Jonathan Law (M-3w,0t), East Haven (M-0w,0t)
Losses To: North Haven (MM-4w,0t), Sheehan (M-7w,0t), Xavier (LL-7w,0t), Amity (L-7w,0t), Branford (MM-7w,0t), Hillhouse (MM-11w,0t), Daniel Hand (MM-7w,0t) 
15.Bacon Academy+3-8-060/035031.82136Wins Over: Killingly (S-3w,0t), Capital Prep (S-2w,0t), RHAM (MM-1w,0t)
Losses To: New London (SS-10w,0t), Griswold (S-7w,0t), Plainfield (SS-8w,0t), Norwich Free Academy (LL-6w,0t), Ledyard (M-9w,0t), Waterford (SS-7w,0t), Stonington (SS-8w,0t), Windham (M-7w,0t) 
16.Jonathan Law3-8-060/035031.82112Wins Over: Stratford (SS-4w,0t), East Haven (M-0w,0t), Lyman Hall (M-2w,0t)
Losses To: Sheehan (M-7w,0t), Fairfield Prep (LL-3w,0t), Guilford (M-4w,0t), Shelton (LL-7w,0t), Hillhouse (MM-11w,0t), Branford (MM-7w,0t), North Haven (MM-4w,0t), Foran (SS-7w,0t) 
17.Derby/O'Brien Tech3-8-050/034030.91116Wins Over: Wilcox Tech (SS-3w,0t), East Haven (M-0w,0t), Lyman Hall (M-2w,0t)
Losses To: Hillhouse (MM-11w,0t), Branford (MM-7w,0t), North Haven (MM-4w,0t), Wilbur Cross (LL-6w,0t), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-4w,0t), Foran (SS-7w,0t), Sheehan (M-7w,0t), Shelton (LL-7w,0t) 
18.Lyman Hall+2-9-020/023020.91120Wins Over: Maloney (L-2w,0t), East Haven (M-0w,0t)
Losses To: Foran (SS-7w,0t), Guilford (M-4w,0t), Hillhouse (MM-11w,0t), Amity (L-7w,0t), Branford (MM-7w,0t), Jonathan Law (M-3w,0t), Hamden (LL-9w,0t), Derby (M-3w,0t), Sheehan (M-7w,0t) 
19.Fermi2-9-020/023020.91112Wins Over: Farmington (L-1w,0t), Rockville (M-1w,0t)
Losses To: Bulkeley (L-3w,0t), Platt (MM-7w,0t), Manchester (LL-7w,0t), E.O. Smith (M-1w,0t), Glastonbury (LL-11w,0t), South Windsor (LL-7w,0t), Hartford Public (L-6w,0t), Bloomfield (S-5w,0t), Enfield (M-7w,0t) 
20.E.O. Smith1-10-020/012010.91118Wins Over: Fermi (M-2w,0t)
Losses To: Farmington (L-1w,0t), Wethersfield (MM-5w,0t), Manchester (LL-7w,0t), Glastonbury (LL-11w,0t), Platt (MM-7w,0t), South Windsor (LL-7w,0t), Hartford Public (L-6w,0t), Bloomfield (S-5w,0t), Rockville (M-1w,0t), Windham (M-7w,0t) 
21.Rockville1-10-010/011010.00118Wins Over: E.O. Smith (M-1w,0t)
Losses To: Glastonbury (LL-11w,0t), Hall (L-7w,0t), East Hartford (LL-3w,0t), Maloney (L-2w,0t), Hartford Public (L-6w,0t), New Britain (LL-8w,0t), Bloomfield (S-5w,0t), Manchester (LL-7w,0t), Fermi (M-2w,0t), South Windsor (LL-7w,0t) 
22.East Haven+0-11-00/000.00106Losses To: East Lyme (MM-4w,0t), Jonathan Law (M-3w,0t), Lyman Hall (M-2w,0t), Foran (SS-7w,0t), Sheehan (M-7w,0t), Wilbur Cross (LL-6w,0t), West Haven (LL-6w,0t), Derby (M-3w,0t), North Haven (MM-4w,0t), Guilford (M-4w,0t), Branford (MM-7w,0t) 
23.Tourtellotte/Ellis Tech0-9-00/000.00102Losses To: Waterford (SS-7w,0t), St. Bernard (SS-8w,0t), Plainfield (SS-8w,0t), Putnam (S-2w,0t), Killingly (S-3w,0t), Montville (SS-9w,0t), Stonington (SS-8w,0t), Wright Tech (S-2w,0t), Woodstock Academy (MM-4w,0t) 

SS Final Unofficial Football Point Rankings
Points are unofficial until after the committee approves the totals at their meeting Friday morning
Tiebreaker Notations: *Head-To-Head +Opponents Wins and Ties ^By Lot

Team Record Opp.
Results Detail
1.New London10-1-0640/01710155.45146Wins Over: Daniel Hand (MM-7w,0t), Bacon Academy (M-3w,0t), Plainfield (SS-8w,0t), Waterford (SS-7w,0t), St. Bernard (SS-8w,0t), Fitch (L-2w,0t), Windham (M-7w,0t), Montville (SS-9w,0t), Griswold (S-7w,0t), Norwich Free Academy (LL-6w,0t)
Losses To: Ledyard (M-9w,0t) 
2.Seymour10-1-0460/01540140.00112Wins Over: Torrington (MM-5w,0t), Sacred Heart (S-1w,0t), Wolcott (SS-8w,0t), Naugatuck (L-3w,0t), Crosby (L-9w,0t), Kennedy (MM-5w,0t), Wilby (MM-0w,0t), Holy Cross (SS-5w,0t), Watertown (M-6w,0t), Woodland (SS-4w,0t)
Losses To: Ansonia (S-10w,0t) 
3.Rocky Hill10-1-0470/01520138.18110Wins Over: Stonington (SS-8w,0t), RHAM (MM-1w,0t), Enfield (M-7w,0t), Plainville (SS-1w,0t), Berlin (M-6w,0t), St. Paul Catholic (M-9w,0t), Prince Tech (S-6w,0t), East Catholic (SS-3w,0t), Middletown (MM-5w,0t), Nonnewaug (SS-1w,0t)
Losses To: Northwest Catholic (S-8w,0t) 
4.Montville9-2-0370/01320120.00110Wins Over: Waterford (SS-7w,0t), Fitch (L-2w,0t), Killingly (S-3w,0t), Putnam (S-2w,0t), Woodstock Academy (MM-4w,0t), Griswold (S-7w,0t), Stonington (SS-8w,0t), Tourtellotte (M-0w,0t), East Lyme (MM-4w,0t)
Losses To: New London (SS-10w,0t), St. Bernard (SS-8w,0t) 
5.Wolcott8-3-0330/01210110.00116Wins Over: Woodland (SS-4w,0t), Naugatuck (L-3w,0t), Kennedy (MM-5w,0t), Torrington (MM-5w,0t), Crosby (L-9w,0t), Sacred Heart (S-1w,0t), Wilby (MM-0w,0t), Watertown (M-6w,0t)
Losses To: Seymour (SS-10w,0t), Ansonia (S-10w,0t), Holy Cross (SS-5w,0t) 
6.St. Bernard/Norwich Tech8-3-0330/01170106.36110Wins Over: Immaculate (S-2w,0t), Woodstock Academy (MM-4w,0t), Fitch (L-2w,0t), Tourtellotte (M-0w,0t), Stonington (SS-8w,0t), Putnam (S-2w,0t), Prince Tech (S-6w,0t), Montville (SS-9w,0t)
Losses To: New London (SS-10w,0t), Ledyard (M-9w,0t), Killingly (S-3w,0t) 
7.Stonington8-3-0270/01140103.64108Wins Over: Killingly (S-3w,0t), Putnam (S-2w,0t), Woodstock Academy (MM-4w,0t), Windham (M-7w,0t), Bacon Academy (M-3w,0t), Tourtellotte (M-0w,0t), Fitch (L-2w,0t), Westerly (RI) (M-6w,0t)
Losses To: Rocky Hill (SS-10w,0t), St. Bernard (SS-8w,0t), Montville (SS-9w,0t) 
8.Plainfield8-3-0290/01130102.73110Wins Over: Prince Tech (S-6w,0t), Bacon Academy (M-3w,0t), Tourtellotte (M-0w,0t), Waterford (SS-7w,0t), Woodstock Academy (MM-4w,0t), East Lyme (MM-4w,0t), Killingly (S-3w,0t), Putnam (S-2w,0t)
Losses To: New London (SS-10w,0t), Ledyard (M-9w,0t), Griswold (S-7w,0t) 
9.Tolland8-3-0280/01100100.00106Wins Over: Housatonic Regional (S-5w,0t), Stafford (S-3w,0t), Gilbert (SS-5w,0t), Windsor Locks (MM-0w,0t), Coventry (M-5w,0t), Canton (S-2w,0t), Nonnewaug (SS-1w,0t), Ellington (SS-7w,0t)
Losses To: Cromwell (S-10w,0t), Avon (M-9w,0t), Haddam-Killingworth (S-6w,0t) 
10.Foran7-4-0240/0101091.8290Wins Over: Platt Tech (MM-5w,0t), Lyman Hall (M-2w,0t), East Haven (M-0w,0t), North Haven (MM-4w,0t), Derby (M-3w,0t), Sheehan (M-7w,0t), Jonathan Law (M-3w,0t)
Losses To: Guilford (M-4w,0t), West Haven (LL-6w,0t), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-4w,0t), Branford (MM-7w,0t) 
11.Ellington/Somers7-4-0260/098089.09124Wins Over: Windsor Locks (MM-0w,0t), Gilbert (SS-5w,0t), Housatonic Regional (S-5w,0t), Canton (S-2w,0t), Coventry (M-5w,0t), Haddam-Killingworth (S-6w,0t), Stafford (S-3w,0t)
Losses To: North Branford (S-10w,0t), Avon (M-9w,0t), Hyde Leadership (S-9w,0t), Tolland (SS-8w,0t) 
12.Waterford7-4-0210/097088.18114Wins Over: Tourtellotte (M-0w,0t), Fitch (L-2w,0t), Bacon Academy (M-3w,0t), SMSA (S-1w,0t), Griswold (S-7w,0t), Woodstock Academy (MM-4w,0t), East Lyme (MM-4w,0t)
Losses To: Montville (SS-9w,0t), Ledyard (M-9w,0t), New London (SS-10w,0t), Plainfield (SS-8w,0t) 
13.St. Joseph6-5-0230/091082.73124Wins Over: Bassick (L-2w,0t), Fairfield Ludlowe (MM-4w,0t), Fairfield Warde (MM-3w,0t), Trinity Catholic (S-7w,0t), Brien McMahon (L-3w,0t), Danbury (LL-4w,0t)
Losses To: Stamford (LL-6w,0t), New Canaan (MM-11w,0t), Wilton (MM-5w,0t), Darien (MM-10w,0t), Trumbull (LL-7w,0t) 
14.Joel Barlow^5-6-0170/069062.73122Wins Over: Bullard Havens Tech (SS-5w,0t), Immaculate (S-2w,0t), New Milford (L-6w,0t), Stratford (SS-4w,0t), Oxford (S-0w,0t)
Losses To: Masuk (L-10w,0t), Pomperaug (L-6w,0t), Brookfield (M-9w,0t), Bethel (M-6w,0t), Bunnell (L-9w,0t), Weston (SS-4w,0t) 
15.Holy Cross5-6-0160/069062.73122Wins Over: Wilby (MM-0w,0t), Woodland (SS-4w,0t), Sacred Heart (S-1w,0t), Naugatuck (L-3w,0t), Wolcott (SS-8w,0t)
Losses To: Crosby (L-9w,0t), Torrington (MM-5w,0t), Watertown (M-6w,0t), Kennedy (MM-5w,0t), Ansonia (S-10w,0t), Seymour (SS-10w,0t) 
16.Bullard Havens Tech5-6-0130/064058.1888Wins Over: Capital Prep (S-2w,0t), SMSA (S-1w,0t), Platt Tech (MM-5w,0t), Wilcox Tech (SS-3w,0t), Wright Tech (S-2w,0t)
Losses To: Joel Barlow (SS-5w,0t), Prince Tech (S-6w,0t), Griswold (S-7w,0t), Cheney Tech (M-10w,0t), Harding (L-1w,0t), Bassick (L-2w,0t) 
17.Gilbert/NW Regional5-6-090/060054.5596Wins Over: Nonnewaug (SS-1w,0t), Wolcott Tech (SS-0w,0t), Stafford (S-3w,0t), Windsor Locks (MM-0w,0t), Housatonic Regional (S-5w,0t)
Losses To: Ellington (SS-7w,0t), Tolland (SS-8w,0t), Coventry (M-5w,0t), Avon (M-9w,0t), Valley Regional (S-8w,0t), Canton (S-2w,0t) 
18.Stratford4-7-0140/056050.91130Wins Over: New Fairfield (M-4w,0t), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-2w,0t), Bethel (M-6w,0t), Immaculate (S-2w,0t)
Losses To: Jonathan Law (M-3w,0t), Masuk (L-10w,0t), Joel Barlow (SS-5w,0t), Brookfield (M-9w,0t), Newtown (LL-9w,0t), New Milford (L-6w,0t), Bunnell (L-9w,0t) 
19.Woodland4-7-090/053048.18124Wins Over: Sacred Heart (S-1w,0t), Torrington (MM-5w,0t), Wilby (MM-0w,0t), Naugatuck (L-3w,0t)
Losses To: Wolcott (SS-8w,0t), Watertown (M-6w,0t), Ansonia (S-10w,0t), Holy Cross (SS-5w,0t), Crosby (L-9w,0t), Kennedy (MM-5w,0t), Seymour (SS-10w,0t) 
20.Weston4-7-080/048043.64100Wins Over: Nonnewaug (SS-1w,0t), Immaculate (S-2w,0t), Oxford (S-0w,0t), Joel Barlow (SS-5w,0t)
Losses To: Bethel (M-6w,0t), Bunnell (L-9w,0t), Newtown (LL-9w,0t), New Milford (L-6w,0t), Pomperaug (L-6w,0t), New Fairfield (M-4w,0t), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-2w,0t) 
21.East Catholic3-8-050/036032.73134Wins Over: Wilcox Tech (SS-3w,0t), Plainville (SS-1w,0t), RHAM (MM-1w,0t)
Losses To: Manchester (LL-7w,0t), St. Paul Catholic (M-9w,0t), Berlin (M-6w,0t), Northwest Catholic (S-8w,0t), Middletown (MM-5w,0t), Rocky Hill (SS-10w,0t), Enfield (M-7w,0t), Cheney Tech (M-10w,0t) 
22.Wilcox Tech3-8-050/035031.82106Wins Over: SMSA (S-1w,0t), Capital Prep (S-2w,0t), Wright Tech (S-2w,0t)
Losses To: Derby (M-3w,0t), East Catholic (SS-3w,0t), Cheney Tech (M-10w,0t), Prince Tech (S-6w,0t), Bullard Havens Tech (SS-5w,0t), Platt Tech (MM-5w,0t), Enfield (M-7w,0t), St. Paul Catholic (M-9w,0t) 
23.Plainville1-10-010/011010.00128Wins Over: SMSA (S-1w,0t)
Losses To: Berlin (M-6w,0t), RHAM (MM-1w,0t), St. Paul Catholic (M-9w,0t), Rocky Hill (SS-10w,0t), East Catholic (SS-3w,0t), Enfield (M-7w,0t), Cheney Tech (M-10w,0t), Middletown (MM-5w,0t), East Lyme (MM-4w,0t), Northwest Catholic (S-8w,0t) 
24.Nonnewaug1-10-00/01009.09126Wins Over: Wolcott Tech (SS-0w,0t)
Losses To: Weston (SS-4w,0t), Gilbert (SS-5w,0t), Valley Regional (S-8w,0t), Old Saybrook (S-5w,0t), Housatonic Regional (S-5w,0t), Morgan (S-3w,0t), North Branford (S-10w,0t), Coventry (M-5w,0t), Tolland (SS-8w,0t), Rocky Hill (SS-10w,0t) 
25.Wolcott Tech0-11-00/000.00132Losses To: Vinal Tech (MM-6w,0t), Nonnewaug (SS-1w,0t), Morgan (S-3w,0t), North Branford (S-10w,0t), Gilbert (SS-5w,0t), Hyde Leadership (S-9w,0t), Valley Regional (S-8w,0t), Old Saybrook (S-5w,0t), Cromwell (S-10w,0t), Stafford (S-3w,0t), Haddam-Killingworth (S-6w,0t) 

S Final Unofficial Football Point Rankings
Points are unofficial until after the committee approves the totals at their meeting Friday morning
Tiebreaker Notations: *Head-To-Head +Opponents Wins and Ties ^By Lot

Team Record Opp.
Results Detail
1.Cromwell10-1-0590/01620147.27138Wins Over: Avon (M-9w,0t), Morgan (S-3w,0t), Haddam-Killingworth (S-6w,0t), Vinal Tech (MM-6w,0t), Tolland (SS-8w,0t), Valley Regional (S-8w,0t), Old Saybrook (S-5w,0t), Hyde Leadership (S-9w,0t), Wolcott Tech (SS-0w,0t), Coventry (M-5w,0t)
Losses To: North Branford (S-10w,0t) 
2.Ansonia10-1-0470/01530139.09112Wins Over: Sacred Heart (S-1w,0t), Kennedy (MM-5w,0t), Wilby (MM-0w,0t), Woodland (SS-4w,0t), Wolcott (SS-8w,0t), Holy Cross (SS-5w,0t), Watertown (M-6w,0t), Torrington (MM-5w,0t), Seymour (SS-10w,0t), Naugatuck (L-3w,0t)
Losses To: Crosby (L-9w,0t) 
3.North Branford10-1-0510/01520138.18120Wins Over: Morgan (S-3w,0t), Valley Regional (S-8w,0t), Old Saybrook (S-5w,0t), Wolcott Tech (SS-0w,0t), Ellington (SS-7w,0t), Haddam-Killingworth (S-6w,0t), Vinal Tech (MM-6w,0t), Nonnewaug (SS-1w,0t), Housatonic Regional (S-5w,0t), Cromwell (S-10w,0t)
Losses To: Hyde Leadership (S-9w,0t) 
4.Hyde Leadership9-2-0540/01460132.73140Wins Over: Old Saybrook (S-5w,0t), Valley Regional (S-8w,0t), Morgan (S-3w,0t), Avon (M-9w,0t), Wolcott Tech (SS-0w,0t), Haddam-Killingworth (S-6w,0t), Vinal Tech (MM-6w,0t), Ellington (SS-7w,0t), North Branford (S-10w,0t)
Losses To: Wilbur Cross (LL-6w,0t), Cromwell (S-10w,0t) 
5.Northwest Catholic8-2-0360/01220122.00104Wins Over: Rocky Hill (SS-10w,0t), RHAM (MM-1w,0t), East Catholic (SS-3w,0t), Middletown (MM-5w,0t), Bridgeport Central (LL-3w,0t), Enfield (M-7w,0t), Berlin (M-6w,0t), Plainville (SS-1w,0t)
Losses To: Xavier (LL-7w,0t), St. Paul Catholic (M-9w,0t) 
6.Valley Regional/Old Lyme8-3-0280/0109099.09114Wins Over: Nonnewaug (SS-1w,0t), Canton (S-2w,0t), Wolcott Tech (SS-0w,0t), Vinal Tech (MM-6w,0t), Old Saybrook (S-5w,0t), Gilbert (SS-5w,0t), Morgan (S-3w,0t), Haddam-Killingworth (S-6w,0t)
Losses To: North Branford (S-10w,0t), Hyde Leadership (S-9w,0t), Cromwell (S-10w,0t) 
7.Griswold7-4-0310/0105095.45122Wins Over: Woodstock Academy (MM-4w,0t), Bacon Academy (M-3w,0t), Bullard Havens Tech (SS-5w,0t), Killingly (S-3w,0t), Putnam (S-2w,0t), Norwich Free Academy (LL-6w,0t), Plainfield (SS-8w,0t)
Losses To: East Lyme (MM-4w,0t), Montville (SS-9w,0t), Waterford (SS-7w,0t), New London (SS-10w,0t) 
8.Trinity Catholic7-4-0220/0103093.64110Wins Over: Westhill (LL-4w,0t), Fairfield Ludlowe (MM-4w,0t), Harding (L-1w,0t), Fairfield Warde (MM-3w,0t), Brien McMahon (L-3w,0t), Bassick (L-2w,0t), Wilton (MM-5w,0t)
Losses To: Darien (MM-10w,0t), St. Joseph (SS-6w,0t), Stamford (LL-6w,0t), New Canaan (MM-11w,0t) 
9.Haddam-Killingworth6-5-0270/089080.91142Wins Over: Vinal Tech (MM-6w,0t), Old Saybrook (S-5w,0t), Coventry (M-5w,0t), Morgan (S-3w,0t), Tolland (SS-8w,0t), Wolcott Tech (SS-0w,0t)
Losses To: Cromwell (S-10w,0t), North Branford (S-10w,0t), Hyde Leadership (S-9w,0t), Ellington (SS-7w,0t), Valley Regional (S-8w,0t) 
10.Prince Tech6-5-0180/079071.82118Wins Over: Bullard Havens Tech (SS-5w,0t), Platt Tech (MM-5w,0t), Wilcox Tech (SS-3w,0t), Wright Tech (S-2w,0t), SMSA (S-1w,0t), Capital Prep (S-2w,0t)
Losses To: Plainfield (SS-8w,0t), Middletown (MM-5w,0t), Rocky Hill (SS-10w,0t), Cheney Tech (M-10w,0t), St. Bernard (SS-8w,0t) 
11.Bloomfield5-6-0130/070063.64124Wins Over: Bristol Central (L-2w,0t), South Windsor (LL-7w,0t), Rockville (M-1w,0t), E.O. Smith (M-1w,0t), Fermi (M-2w,0t)
Losses To: Bristol Eastern (MM-8w,0t), New Britain (LL-8w,0t), Simsbury (L-9w,0t), Newington (L-9w,0t), Hartford Public (L-6w,0t), Windsor (L-9w,0t) 
12.Housatonic/Wamogo5-6-0110/063057.27110Wins Over: Canton (S-2w,0t), Nonnewaug (SS-1w,0t), Stafford (S-3w,0t), Windsor Locks (MM-0w,0t), Coventry (M-5w,0t)
Losses To: Tolland (SS-8w,0t), Ellington (SS-7w,0t), Avon (M-9w,0t), Old Saybrook (S-5w,0t), North Branford (S-10w,0t), Gilbert (SS-5w,0t) 
13.Old Saybrook/Westbrook5-6-0110/061055.45120Wins Over: Housatonic Regional (S-5w,0t), Nonnewaug (SS-1w,0t), Wolcott Tech (SS-0w,0t), Canton (S-2w,0t), Morgan (S-3w,0t)
Losses To: Hyde Leadership (S-9w,0t), North Branford (S-10w,0t), Haddam-Killingworth (S-6w,0t), Cromwell (S-10w,0t), Valley Regional (S-8w,0t), Vinal Tech (MM-6w,0t) 
14.Killingly3-8-0100/041037.27124Wins Over: Tourtellotte (M-0w,0t), St. Bernard (SS-8w,0t), Putnam (S-2w,0t)
Losses To: Bacon Academy (M-3w,0t), Stonington (SS-8w,0t), Montville (SS-9w,0t), Norwich Free Academy (LL-6w,0t), Griswold (S-7w,0t), Windham (M-7w,0t), Woodstock Academy (MM-4w,0t), Plainfield (SS-8w,0t) 
15.Stafford/East Windsor3-7-020/033033.0094Wins Over: Canton (S-2w,0t), Wolcott Tech (SS-0w,0t), Windsor Locks (MM-0w,0t)
Losses To: Coventry (M-5w,0t), Tolland (SS-8w,0t), Vinal Tech (MM-6w,0t), Gilbert (SS-5w,0t), Housatonic Regional (S-5w,0t), Ellington (SS-7w,0t), Avon (M-9w,0t) 
16.Morgan3-8-010/032029.09128Wins Over: Wolcott Tech (SS-0w,0t), Windsor Locks (MM-0w,0t), Nonnewaug (SS-1w,0t)
Losses To: North Branford (S-10w,0t), Cromwell (S-10w,0t), Hyde Leadership (S-9w,0t), Vinal Tech (MM-6w,0t), Haddam-Killingworth (S-6w,0t), Avon (M-9w,0t), Valley Regional (S-8w,0t), Old Saybrook (S-5w,0t) 
17.Canton2-9-050/026023.64122Wins Over: Windsor Locks (MM-0w,0t), Gilbert (SS-5w,0t)
Losses To: Coventry (M-5w,0t), Ellington (SS-7w,0t), Valley Regional (S-8w,0t), Housatonic Regional (S-5w,0t), Stafford (S-3w,0t), Avon (M-9w,0t), Tolland (SS-8w,0t), Old Saybrook (S-5w,0t), Vinal Tech (MM-6w,0t) 
18.Capital Prep*2-8-030/023023.0092Wins Over: Wright Tech (S-2w,0t), SMSA (S-1w,0t)
Losses To: Enfield (M-7w,0t), Cheney Tech (M-10w,0t), Platt Tech (MM-5w,0t), Bullard Havens Tech (SS-5w,0t), Wilcox Tech (SS-3w,0t), Bacon Academy (M-3w,0t), Woodstock Academy (MM-4w,0t), Prince Tech (S-6w,0t) 
19.Wright Tech/Stamford Academy2-8-020/023023.0078Wins Over: Putnam (S-2w,0t), Tourtellotte (M-0w,0t)
Losses To: Platt Tech (MM-5w,0t), SMSA (S-1w,0t), Cheney Tech (M-10w,0t), Capital Prep (S-2w,0t), Prince Tech (S-6w,0t), Wilcox Tech (SS-3w,0t), Bullard Havens Tech (SS-5w,0t), Platt Tech (MM-5w,0t) 
20.Notre Dame-Fairfield2-9-050/025022.73132Wins Over: Archbishop Williams (MA) (S-1w,0t), Weston (SS-4w,0t)
Losses To: Masuk (L-10w,0t), Stratford (SS-4w,0t), Brookfield (M-9w,0t), Bethel (M-6w,0t), Bunnell (L-9w,0t), Newtown (LL-9w,0t), New Milford (L-6w,0t), Pomperaug (L-6w,0t), Immaculate (S-2w,0t) 
21.Putnam+2-9-010/022020.00118Wins Over: SMSA (S-1w,0t), Tourtellotte (M-0w,0t)
Losses To: Wright Tech (S-2w,0t), Stonington (SS-8w,0t), Montville (SS-9w,0t), Ledyard (M-9w,0t), Griswold (S-7w,0t), Woodstock Academy (MM-4w,0t), St. Bernard (SS-8w,0t), Plainfield (SS-8w,0t), Killingly (S-3w,0t) 
22.Immaculate2-9-020/022020.00116Wins Over: Oxford (S-0w,0t), Notre Dame-Fairfield (S-2w,0t)
Losses To: St. Bernard (SS-8w,0t), Joel Barlow (SS-5w,0t), New Milford (L-6w,0t), Pomperaug (L-6w,0t), Weston (SS-4w,0t), New Fairfield (M-4w,0t), Masuk (L-10w,0t), Stratford (SS-4w,0t), Brookfield (M-9w,0t) 
23.SMSA1-10-020/012010.9192Wins Over: Wright Tech (S-2w,0t)
Losses To: Plainville (SS-1w,0t), Putnam (S-2w,0t), Cheney Tech (M-10w,0t), Wilcox Tech (SS-3w,0t), Bullard Havens Tech (SS-5w,0t), Platt Tech (MM-5w,0t), Waterford (SS-7w,0t), Prince Tech (S-6w,0t), Capital Prep (S-2w,0t), Bulkeley (L-3w,0t) 
24.Sacred Heart1-10-00/011010.00130Wins Over: Wilby (MM-0w,0t)
Losses To: Ansonia (S-10w,0t), Seymour (SS-10w,0t), Woodland (SS-4w,0t), Crosby (L-9w,0t), Naugatuck (L-3w,0t), Watertown (M-6w,0t), Kennedy (MM-5w,0t), Wolcott (SS-8w,0t), Holy Cross (SS-5w,0t), Torrington (MM-5w,0t) 
25.Oxford0-11-00/000.00138Losses To: St. Paul Catholic (M-9w,0t), Brookfield (M-9w,0t), Bethel (M-6w,0t), Bunnell (L-9w,0t), Newtown (LL-9w,0t), Immaculate (S-2w,0t), New Milford (L-6w,0t), Weston (SS-4w,0t), Joel Barlow (SS-5w,0t), New Fairfield (M-4w,0t), Pomperaug (L-6w,0t)