Ciac To Allow Sunday Makeups Of Postponed Regular Season Spring Contests

The CIAC Board of Control has approved the following plan to address the numerous cancellations of member school athletic events due to the weather this spring, and this week in particular:

1. The CIAC will waive the policy prohibiting Sunday play for Sunday, May 22 (the only remaining Sunday in the 2011 Spring Season). Schools will be allowed to schedule make-ups on May 22nd providing:

* No Sunday athletic event may start prior to 12:30 PM
* Make-up games/meets rescheduled to Sunday must be by mutual agreement
* Doubleheaders are allowed
* Weekly limitations do not apply to rescheduled games

2. No changes will be made to the last dates to count, entry deadlines or competition dates for CIAC spring tournaments. The last day to count and the CIAC spring tournament schedule will remain as scheduled in all sports.

3. Minimum established game standards necessary to qualify for tournament entry remain.

4. Schools are reminded that CIAC rules prohibit league tournament contests being scheduled or rescheduled in place of regular season contests or make-up games.