Reminder: All Varsity Scores Must Be Posted Within 24 Hours

In order to be able to provide accurate rankings and standings for sports on, and all of the league, media and other sites which pull data directly from us, it is necessary for us to collect scores in a more timely manner then we have been doing. For this reason all varsity scores must be posted within 24 hours of the completion of the contest.

To allow delegation of the posting duties to those with the quickest access to the information, "scorekeeper access codes" only allow the posting of game results and nothing else. ADs can create codes for anyone they wish to have enter scores for them, ensuring they are entered in the most timely manner possible. Many teams have a student manager or assistant coach responsible for calling scores into newspapers after games. Adding this simple task to their assignment is a good way to meet this obligation, while also adding an important role which that enhances their contribution to the team.

While we are requiring posting within 24 hours, we are strongly recommending that scores are posted immediately following completion of the games. The quickest and easiest way to post is via our mobile site at Using any smartphone or tablet a score can be posted with just a couple of taps in literally less than one minute.

Thank you in advance for your compliance with this requirement, and for your continued assistance in keeping Connecticut as a leader in the providing of high school sports information.