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Friday, February 17 (4:30 p.m. start)
Saturday, February 18 (9:15 a.m. start)

--- Team Scores ---

1) Xavier, 242; 2) Danbury, 232; 3) Trumbull, 153; 4) South
Windsor, 126.5; 5) Southington, 125; 6) Conard, 98; 7)
Glastonbury, 91; 8) NFA, 85; 9) Weaver/Hartford Public, 75.5; 10)
Simsbury, 75; 11) Fairfield Prep, 75; 12) Newtown, 70.5; 13) New
Britain, 69.5; 14) Stamford, 64; 15) Westhill, 63.5; 16)
Manchester, 56; 17) Greenwich, 55; 18) Ridgefield, 48.5; 19)
Cheshire, 44; 20) Amity, 43.5; 21) Staples, 35; 22) Hall, 35; 23)
Platt Tech/West Haven, 19; 24) East Hartford, 18; 25) McMahon, 15;
26) New Haven Co-op, 7; 27) Central, 0.

--- Place Winners ---

106 Championship: Kevin Jack, Danbury def. Pascal Medor, Westhill,
8-6 3rd Place: Cross Cannone, Trumbull def. Tyler Mirando,
Southington, 13-4 5th Place: Kevin Side, Ridgefield def. Rafael
Gonzalez, New Britain, Default

113 Championship: Will Chowanec, Xavier def. Conor Caffrey, South
Windsor, 3-2 3rd Place: Ben Durst, Simsbury def. Chris Bryant,
Danbury, 8-2 5th Place: Alex Jarombek, Greenwich def. Ryan
Jurewicz, Manchester, 3-2

120 Championship: Tyler Keane, Glastonbury def. Zach Tepper,
Danbury, 22-7 3rd Place: Brandon Liscinsky, Trumbull def. Matthew
Philbin, Ridgefield, pin 2:50 5th Place: Justin Healy, South
Windsor def. Alex Kasinskas, Xavier, 6-4

126 Championship: Geovanni Medina, New Britain def. Cody Keane,
Glastonbury, pin 6:53 3rd Place: Nathan Solomon, Southington def.
Tyler Bishop, Amity, 1-0 5th Place: Jacob Cervero, Cheshire def.
Dan Izzo, Platt Tech/West Haven, pin 3:43

132 Championship: Ben Pierre Saint, Stamford def. Favion Williams,
Weaver/Hartford Public, 22-7 3rd Place: David Briganti, Trumbull
def. Daniel Grober, Amity, pin 5:20 5th Place: Eric Dimalanta, NFA
def. Daniel Massucci, Cheshire, Default

138 Championship: Benjamin Anderson, Trumbull def. Joe Battinelli,
Stamford, 8-1 3rd Place: Shane Jennings, Danbury def. Daniel
Hecker, Glastonbury, 3-0 5th Place: Brendan Butler, Xavier def.
Edward Cruz, New Britain, 8-3

145 Championship: Sam Odell, South Windsor def. Johnny Bello,
Conard, 5-0 3rd Place: Ryan Butler, Xavier def. Tyler Courter,
NFA, 7-4 5th Place: Anthony Cote, Danbury def. Mark Jaffer,
Southington, 4-3

152 Championship: Lucas Muntz, Conard def. Casey Mitchell, South
Windsor, 4-2 3rd Place: Johnny Garcia, Danbury def. Conor Ward,
Fairfield Prep, 9-1 5th Place: Nishan Valentini, Xavier def. Nick
Jimenez, Westhill, Default

160 Championship: Tyler Cunningham, Xavier def. Joeph Roberts,
Fairfield Prep, pin 1:58 3rd Place: Wesley Spears, Danbury def.
Timothy Homan, Cheshire, 4-1 5th Place: John Labonte, South
Windsor def. Edgar Charles, NFA, 7-4

170 Championship: Elliot Antler, Xavier def. Ryan Whittle,
Greenwich, 11-4 3rd Place: Tom Gaboardi, Danbury def. Cory Fisher,
Newtown, pin 4:45 5th Place: David Gary, Weaver/Hartford Public
def. Miguel Nieto, Stamford, Default

182 Championship: Sheldon Rhoden, Weaver/Hartford Public def.
Ricky Cotton, Conard, 11-3 3rd Place: William Jack, Danbury def.
Drew Pichnarcik, Xavier, pin 2:21 5th Place: Matthew Braddock,
South Windsor def. Shane Dempsey, Fairfield Prep, 10-1

195 Championship: Jake Whalen, Xavier def. Zachary Maxwell,
Southington, pin 2:51 3rd Place: Mikell Washington, Staples def.
John Crooks, NFA, 6-1 5th Place: Thomas Anderson, South Windsor
def. Paul Mckee, Trumbull, pin 1:20

220 Championship: Sean Marinan, Xavier def. Oswaldo Garcia,
Danbury, 5-4 3rd Place: Andrew Marino, Trumbull def. Justin
Carlson, Manchester, pin 2:27 5th Place: Andrew Cavanna,
Glastonbury def. Nicholas Crowle, Fairfield Prep, pin 4:45

285 Championship: Travis Daly, Southington def. Chris Kylide,
Simsbury, pin 1:23 3rd Place: Jevon Pegues, Danbury def. William
Morlock, Newtown, pin 3:21 5th Place: Benjamin Lisle, Xavier def.
Daykwion Aleman, New Haven Co-op, pin 4:56

--- Fastest Fall Winner ---

Andrew Marino From Trumbull 220 Lbs, 4 Pins, 7:00