mailbag_transparent_background.pngDear Legal Mailbag:
At my school, we have a strict rule against students’ using cell phones during class time. Some teachers overlook violations because it can be a never-ending battle with students, but one “old school” teacher is vigilant about enforcing this prohibition. However, last week her enthusiasm for enforcing the prohibition caused a problem on which I need help. After one student had continued to use his cell phone in class to text his friends despite two separate warnings from the teacher, she grabbed it out of his hand and told him that he would get it back only after his mother or father came to school to retrieve it. The mother, however, simply sent a note in the next day, which directed the teacher to give the cell phone back to the student.
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Annual Meeting Coming in May

save_the_date.jpgThe 61st Annual Meeting will be held at the CAS Office on Thursday, May 9th at 8:30 a.m. A number of important bylaw changes will be presented to the membership for approval. Don't miss this opportunity to cast your vote. Registration will be open next week. Mark your calendars now!

Deadline Extended for Endowment Fund Grant Applications

endowment_graphics_2.jpgThe deadline to apply for funding through the CAS-CIAC Endowment and Flanagan Grant Program has been extended until April 12th. Fifty thousand dollars in grants will be awarded to member schools and students for new or existing projects or programs. Grant criteria and application materials are available at the link below.  

CAS Offers Regional Climate Workshops

Half-day workshops are now being offered to help schools create safe, successful school climates for all students. These workshops will be hosted in elementary, middle and high schools around the state. Come learn from colleagues and take a “tool-kit” of ideas back to your school. # More

2013 S.L.I. Focuses on School Leadership Standards and SEED

speakers_horizontal.jpgRegistration is now open for the Annual Summer Leadership Institute which will be held June 27th and 28th at The Heritage in Southbury. Two significant things have occurred since the last summer leadership institute (SLI). First, a significant revision of the Common Core of Leading: Connecticut School Leadership Standards has been approved by the State Board of Education. Second, SEED has operationalized these standards by incorporating them into the new administrative evaluation guidelines. The focus of this year's SLI is to make sense of these changes and their implications for leaders throughout our schools and districts.
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Robotics Championship For High Schools

robotics_2_resized.jpgRegistration is open for the State Robotics Championship for high school teams to be held at the Hartford Armory on May 11, 2013. While registration is limited to teams that have built a robot within the FIRST Robotics Competition, we invite and encourage ALL high schools and their students to attend this event.
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CAAD and CIAC Launch Public Service Announcements

ciac_color.jpgcaad.jpgFor the second year in a row, CAAD and CIAC have jointly created public service announcements speaking to high school athletics and activities being an important part of the overall educational experience. These PSAs are high quality and feature footage of Connecticut student-athletes. Consider using them within your own schools and communities - embed them in your website, include them in your video productions, provide them to public access stations, etc.
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Do You Have An Outstanding Teacher in Your Building?

If the answer is yes, then why not nominate him/her for the CAS Exemplary Educator Award? The exemplary educator awards are designed to recognize outstanding teachers who have had a positive impact on their school and/or district. Nominees for these awards must have demonstrated excellence in education, involvement with students, staff and parents in and out of the classroom, and leadership in their profession. One recipient will be chosen from each of the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Nominations may be made by school staff or district central office personnel. The deadline for submitting applications for the CAS Exemplary Educator Awards has been extended to April 24, 2013.
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