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Legal Question of the Week

mailbag_red_background_resized.jpgDear Legal Mailbag: When I was talking to a colleague in a neighboring town, I was shocked to hear him mention fingerprinting volunteers. I have been an administrator for over ten years and I have had my fair share of experience with volunteers. But I have never heard of volunteers being fingerprinted. I can’t imagine telling a room mother that she must submit to fingerprinting. However, by the way my colleague was talking, I got the impression that I should be doing this. What is the story?

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CAS Executive Director to Address Secondary School Principals on Critical Topics

Join us on October 15th to hear CAS Executive Director Dr. Karissa Niehoff speak on two issues of critical importance to secondary school principals: the new educator evaluation guidelines and secondary school reform.
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October is National Principals Month

nassp_naesp.jpgNAESP and NASSP are proud to announce that, for the third year in a row, Congress has declared October 2012 as National Principals Month! The resolutions passed by the House and Senate serve to highlight the important work of K-12 principals. Check out the NAESP and NASSP websites for ideas on how to make the most of this noteworthy month!

iPad 1 to 1: Hands-on Planning for School Leaders Workshop Coming in November

ipad_image_3_cropped.jpgInterested in implementing a 1 to 1 iPad program in your school? Join us on November 9th to learn more about how the iPad works in an enterprise environment and to develop a detailed plan for professional and curriculum development for a 1 to 1 iPad program.
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IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please Update Your Membership Directory Information

Attention member school principals! Please be sure to update your membership directory information for the new school year. It is vital that we keep our membership data as current as possible so that mailings are sent to the appropriate individuals. This allows member schools to take full advantage of the benefits of CAS membership.
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LOB Showcases Work of Unified Artists

governor_resized.jpgApproximately 30 pieces of artwork from Unified artists across Connecticut are on display at the Legislative Office Building this month. Students from fourteen middle and high schools around the state are taking part in the month-long exhibit.
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CAS Invites Members to Celebrate Excellence

program_recognition_banquet.jpgThe CAS Recognition of Excellence in Education event will be held on November 27, 2012, at the Aqua Turf in Southington. Be sure to take part in this important event to publicly acknowledge exemplary programs and dedicated staff that have brought about significant school improvement, promoted school success or made a positive impact in your school.
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CIAC Supports NFHS Statement On Soccer Policy

The NFHS has released a position opposing the new 10-month schedule proposed by the U.S. Soccer Development Academy. The CIAC and the other 50 National Federation member state associations are in complete agreement with the NFHS position detailed by Executive Director Bob Gardner and President Rick Wulkow.
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Annual CIAC Sportsmanship Conference on the Horizon

sportsmanship_conference.jpgThe 6th Annual CIAC Sportsmanship Conference will be held on Thursday, November 15th at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville. The program is designed to promote and reinforce the theme “Sportsmanship is Everyone’s Responsibility” and will feature motivational speaker Harvey Alston.
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Attention assistant principals at all levels!

Please take two minutes to complete a short survey that will drive the work of the Assistant Principals' Committee in the coming year. Your responses will help the committee design its 2012-2013 programs to best suit your needs and interests. Click on the link below to complete this very brief survey.
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