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Division I Ice Hockey Unofficial Rankings

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Results Detail
Fairfield Prep 78 .885 Overall: 11-1-1
DI: 11-1-1
DII: 0-0-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 3-1-1
Wins Over: Ridgefield-I, Darien-I+, West Haven-I, ND-WH-I+, ND-Ffld-I, Hamden-I, Immaculate-I, Xavier-I+, ND-Ffld-I, Hamden-I, ND-Ffld-I
Losses To: New Canaan-I+
Ties With: ND-WH-I+ 
Greenwich 78 .667 Overall: 10-5-0
DI: 9-5-0
DII: 1-0-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 7-3-0
Wins Over: St. Joseph-I, New Canaan-I+, New Canaan-I+, Ridgefield-I, Westhill-Stamford-II+, ND-WH-I+, Warde/Ludl.-I+, Warde/Ludl.-I+, St. Joseph-I, Warde/Ludl.-I+
Losses To: Darien-I+, Ridgefield-I, Darien-I+, St. Joseph-I, New Canaan-I+
Remaining Games: Immaculate-I 
Notre Dame-West Haven 72 .808 Overall: 10-2-1
DI: 10-2-1
DII: 0-0-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 3-2-1
Wins Over: Immaculate-I, New Canaan-I+, ND-Ffld-I, Darien-I+, Hamden-I, Ridgefield-I, ND-Ffld-I, Xavier-I+, West Haven-I, Hamden-I
Losses To: Ffld.Prep-I+, Greenwich-I+
Ties With: Ffld.Prep-I+
Remaining Games: Hamden-I 
Fairfield Warde/Ludlowe 60 .654 Overall: 8-4-1
DI: 7-4-1
DII: 1-0-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 4-3-1
Wins Over: West Haven-I, St. Joseph-I, Ridgefield-I, Trumbull-II+, New Canaan-I+, Darien-I+, St. Joseph-I, New Canaan-I+
Losses To: Ridgefield-I, Greenwich-I+, Greenwich-I+, Greenwich-I+
Ties With: Darien-I+ 
New Canaan 60 .567 Overall: 8-6-1
DI: 8-6-1
DII: 0-0-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 3-6-1
Wins Over: Ffld.Prep-I+, Ridgefield-I, St. Joseph-I, St. Joseph-I, Ridgefield-I, Ridgefield-I, Darien-I+, Greenwich-I+
Losses To: ND-WH-I+, Greenwich-I+, Warde/Ludl.-I+, Greenwich-I+, Darien-I+, Warde/Ludl.-I+
Ties With: Darien-I+ 
Darien 57 .615 Overall: 7-4-2
DI: 7-4-2
DII: 0-0-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 3-4-2
Wins Over: Greenwich-I+, Ridgefield-I, St. Joseph-I, Greenwich-I+, New Canaan-I+, Ridgefield-I, St. Joseph-I
Losses To: Ffld.Prep-I+, ND-WH-I+, Warde/Ludl.-I+, New Canaan-I+
Ties With: New Canaan-I+, Warde/Ludl.-I+ 
Northwest Catholic 56 .864 Overall: 9-1-1
DI: 1-1-1
DII: 8-0-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 7-1-1
Wins Over: S.Windsor-II+, E.Catholic-II+, Farmington Valley-II+, S.Windsor-II+, Glastonbury-II, Farmington Valley-II+, Glastonbury-II, Xavier-I+, S.Windsor-II+
Losses To: Simsbury-I+
Ties With: Xavier-I+
Remaining Games: Simsbury-I+, Simsbury-I+ 
Xavier 54 .654 Overall: 8-4-1
DI: 7-3-1
DII: 1-1-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 2-4-1
Wins Over: Hamden-I, ND-Ffld-I, Immaculate-I, Simsbury-I+, Woodstock-II+, ND-Ffld-I, West Haven-I, Immaculate-I
Losses To: Daniel Hand-II+, Ffld.Prep-I+, ND-WH-I+, NW Catholic-I+
Ties With: NW Catholic-I+ 
Simsbury 31 .455 Overall: 5-6-0
DI: 1-1-0
DII: 4-5-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 4-6-0
Wins Over: NW Catholic-I+, Glastonbury-II, Farmington Valley-II+, S.Windsor-II+, Farmington Valley-II+
Losses To: S.Windsor-II+, E.Catholic-II+, E.Catholic-II+, Xavier-I+, Farmington Valley-II+, Farmington Valley-II+
Remaining Games: Glastonbury-II, NW Catholic-I+, NW Catholic-I+ 
Notre Dame-Fairfield 30 .357 Overall: 5-9-0
DI: 5-9-0
DII: 0-0-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 0-7-0
Wins Over: Immaculate-I, Hamden-I, West Haven-I, Immaculate-I, West Haven-I
Losses To: St. Joseph-I, ND-WH-I+, Ffld.Prep-I+, Xavier-I+, West Haven-I, ND-WH-I+, Xavier-I+, Ffld.Prep-I+, Ffld.Prep-I+
Remaining Games: Hamden-I 
West Haven 24 .364 Overall: 4-7-0
DI: 3-7-0
DII: 1-0-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 1-4-0
Wins Over: Hamden-I, North Haven-II+, Immaculate-I, ND-Ffld-I
Losses To: Warde/Ludl.-I+, Ffld.Prep-I+, ND-Ffld-I, Xavier-I+, ND-WH-I+, Hamden-I, ND-Ffld-I
Remaining Games: Hamden-I 
Ridgefield 24 .250 Overall: 3-9-0
DI: 3-9-0
DII: 0-0-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 2-9-0
Wins Over: St. Joseph-I, Greenwich-I+, Warde/Ludl.-I+
Losses To: Ffld.Prep-I+, New Canaan-I+, Warde/Ludl.-I+, Darien-I+, ND-WH-I+, Greenwich-I+, New Canaan-I+, Darien-I+, New Canaan-I+
Remaining Games: St. Joseph-I 
Immaculate 15 .308 Overall: 4-9-0
DI: 1-7-0
DII: 1-2-0
DIII: 2-0-0
Qualifiers: 1-6-0
Wins Over: New Milford-III, Hamden-I, Newtown/New.Fair.-III+, Wat./Pomp.-II
Losses To: ND-WH-I+, ND-Ffld-I, West Haven-I, Xavier-I+, Ffld.Prep-I+, ND-Ffld-I, Trumbull-II+, Trumbull-II+, Xavier-I+
Remaining Games: Greenwich-I+ 
St. Joseph 15 .167 Overall: 2-10-0
DI: 2-9-0
DII: 0-1-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 1-9-0
Wins Over: ND-Ffld-I, Greenwich-I+
Losses To: Warde/Ludl.-I+, Ridgefield-I, Greenwich-I+, New Canaan-I+, Trumbull-II+, Darien-I+, New Canaan-I+, Warde/Ludl.-I+, Darien-I+, Greenwich-I+
Remaining Games: Ridgefield-I 
Hamden 6 .100 Overall: 1-9-0
DI: 1-8-0
DII: 0-1-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 0-6-0
Wins Over: West Haven-I
Losses To: West Haven-I, Xavier-I+, ND-WH-I+, ND-Ffld-I, Immaculate-I, Ffld.Prep-I+, Daniel Hand-II+, Ffld.Prep-I+, ND-WH-I+
Remaining Games: West Haven-I, ND-Ffld-I, ND-WH-I+, North Haven-II+