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Division III Ice Hockey Unofficial Rankings

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Results Detail
Sheehan 56 .846 Overall: 11-2-0
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 10-2-0
DIII: 1-0-0
Qualifiers: 7-2-0
Wins Over: Daniel Hand-II+, N.Branford-II, Wat./Pomp.-II, Amity-II+, Cheshire-II+, Lyman Hall-II+, Guilford-II, Westhill-Stamford-II+, New Milford-III, North Haven-II+, Amity-II+
Losses To: Lyman Hall-II+, North Haven-II+
Remaining Games: Branford-II 
Newington Coop 38 .885 Overall: 11-1-1
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 4-1-0
DIII: 7-0-1
Qualifiers: 5-1-1
Wins Over: Conard-II+, Rocky Hill/Middletown/Plainville/H-K-II, E.O. Smith/Tolland-II, Hall/South.-III+, Northeastern-III, Enfield-E. Granby-Stafford-III, SGWL-III+, New Milford-III, Enfield-E. Granby-Stafford-III, Wethersfield-II+, Tri-Town-III+
Losses To: Wethersfield-II+
Ties With: Hall/South.-III+
Remaining Games: Tri-Town-III+ 
Hall-Southington 31 .773 Overall: 8-2-1
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 4-0-0
DIII: 4-2-1
Qualifiers: 4-2-1
Wins Over: Rocky Hill/Middletown/Plainville/H-K-II, Conard-II+, Conard-II+, Northeastern-III, SGWL-III+, Northeastern-III, Tri-Town-III+, E.O. Smith/Tolland-II
Losses To: Newington-III+, Tri-Town-III+
Ties With: Newington-III+
Remaining Games: Tri-Town-III+ 
BBD 28 .857 Overall: 12-2-0
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 0-1-0
DIII: 12-1-0
Qualifiers: 4-1-0
Wins Over: Newtown/New.Fair.-III+, Masuk-III, Housatonic-NW-Wamogo-Torrington-III, JBWA-III, Milford-III+, JBWA-III, Masuk-III, New Milford-III, McMahon-Norwalk-III+, Wilton-III, Masuk-III, Newtown/New.Fair.-III+
Losses To: Wilton-III, Amity-II+ 
Staples 19 .545 Overall: 6-5-0
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 1-3-0
DIII: 5-2-0
Qualifiers: 4-4-0
Wins Over: Milford-III+, Wilton-III, Masuk-III, Westhill-Stamford-II+, Milford-III+, McMahon-Norwalk-III+
Losses To: Trumbull-II+, McMahon-Norwalk-III+, Trumbull-II+, Wilton-III, Westhill-Stamford-II+
Remaining Games: New Milford-III, McMahon-Norwalk-III+ 
SGWL 18 .500 Overall: 5-5-1
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 2-1-1
DIII: 3-4-0
Qualifiers: 1-4-1
Wins Over: Northeastern-III, Woodstock-II+, Enfield-E. Granby-Stafford-III, Housatonic-NW-Wamogo-Torrington-III, E.O. Smith/Tolland-II
Losses To: Tri-Town-III+, Newington-III+, Enfield-E. Granby-Stafford-III, Hall/South.-III+, Conard-II+
Ties With: Wethersfield-II+
Remaining Games: Rocky Hill/Middletown/Plainville/H-K-II 
Milford Coop 14 .556 Overall: 5-4-0
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 1-1-0
DIII: 4-3-0
Qualifiers: 2-4-0
Wins Over: Masuk-III, Newtown/New.Fair.-III+, McMahon-Norwalk-III+, E.Haven-II, New Milford-III
Losses To: Staples-III+, BBD-III+, Staples-III+, Amity-II+
Remaining Games: Wilton-III, Newtown/New.Fair.-III+ 
Tri-Town 10 .444 Overall: 4-5-0
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 0-2-0
DIII: 4-3-0
Qualifiers: 2-4-0
Wins Over: Housatonic-NW-Wamogo-Torrington-III, Enfield-E. Granby-Stafford-III, SGWL-III+, Hall/South.-III+
Losses To: Wethersfield-II+, Woodstock-II+, Enfield-E. Granby-Stafford-III, Hall/South.-III+, Newington-III+
Remaining Games: Newington-III+, Hall/South.-III+, E.O. Smith/Tolland-II, Northeastern-III 
McMahon-Norwalk 9 .400 Overall: 4-6-0
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 0-3-0
DIII: 4-3-0
Qualifiers: 1-6-0
Wins Over: Staples-III+, Wilton-III, JBWA-III, Masuk-III
Losses To: Milford-III+, Westhill-Stamford-II+, BBD-III+, Trumbull-II+, Staples-III+, Westhill-Stamford-II+
Remaining Games: Westhill-Stamford-II+, Staples-III+, Westhill-Stamford-II+ 
Newtown/New Fairfield 8 .444 Overall: 3-4-2
DI: 0-1-0
DII: 0-0-0
DIII: 3-3-2
Qualifiers: 0-3-0
Wins Over: JBWA-III, New Milford-III, Masuk-III
Losses To: BBD-III+, Milford-III+, Immaculate-I, BBD-III+
Ties With: New Milford-III, Masuk-III
Remaining Games: JBWA-III, Housatonic-NW-Wamogo-Torrington-III, JBWA-III, Milford-III+ 
Enfield-E. Granby-Stafford 18 .385 Overall: 5-8-0
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 2-4-0
DIII: 3-4-0
Qualifiers: 3-6-0
Wins Over: E.O. Smith/Tolland-II, Northeastern-III, SGWL-III+, Tri-Town-III+, Wethersfield-II+
Losses To: Conard-II+, Tri-Town-III+, Newington-III+, Conard-II+, Rocky Hill/Middletown/Plainville/H-K-II, SGWL-III+, Newington-III+, E.O. Smith/Tolland-II 
Masuk 7 .292 Overall: 3-8-1
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 0-1-0
DIII: 3-7-1
Qualifiers: 0-7-1
Wins Over: New Milford-III, JBWA-III, JBWA-III
Losses To: Milford-III+, BBD-III+, Wat./Pomp.-II, BBD-III+, Staples-III+, Newtown/New.Fair.-III+, McMahon-Norwalk-III+, BBD-III+
Ties With: Newtown/New.Fair.-III+
Remaining Games: JBWA-III 
Wilton 6 .333 Overall: 2-4-0
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 0-1-0
DIII: 2-3-0
Qualifiers: 2-4-0
Wins Over: Staples-III+, BBD-III+
Losses To: Westhill-Stamford-II+, Staples-III+, McMahon-Norwalk-III+, BBD-III+
Remaining Games: Trumbull-II+, Norwalk-COOP, Milford-III+, JBWA-III, Trumbull-II+, Westhill-Stamford-II+ 
New Milford 5 .250 Overall: 2-7-1
DI: 0-1-0
DII: 0-0-0
DIII: 2-6-1
Qualifiers: 0-5-1
Wins Over: JBWA-III, Housatonic-NW-Wamogo-Torrington-III
Losses To: Immaculate-I, BBD-III+, Newtown/New.Fair.-III+, Masuk-III, Milford-III+, Sheehan-III+, Newington-III+
Ties With: Newtown/New.Fair.-III+
Remaining Games: Staples-III+ 
Housatonic-NW-Wamogo-Torrington 0 .000 Overall: 0-5-0
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 0-1-0
DIII: 0-4-0
Qualifiers: 0-4-0
Losses To: Tri-Town-III+, BBD-III+, New Milford-III, Conard-II+, SGWL-III+
Remaining Games: Newtown/New.Fair.-III+, JBWA-III 
JBWA 0 .000 Overall: 0-7-0
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 0-0-0
DIII: 0-7-0
Qualifiers: 0-4-0
Losses To: New Milford-III, BBD-III+, Newtown/New.Fair.-III+, BBD-III+, McMahon-Norwalk-III+, Masuk-III, Masuk-III
Remaining Games: Newtown/New.Fair.-III+, Masuk-III, Wilton-III, Housatonic-NW-Wamogo-Torrington-III, Newtown/New.Fair.-III+ 
Northeastern 0 .000 Overall: 0-11-0
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 0-6-0
DIII: 0-5-0
Qualifiers: 0-7-0
Losses To: Enfield-E. Granby-Stafford-III, E.O. Smith/Tolland-II, Rocky Hill/Middletown/Plainville/H-K-II, SGWL-III+, Woodstock-II+, E.O. Smith/Tolland-II, Conard-II+, Newington-III+, Hall/South.-III+, Hall/South.-III+, Wethersfield-II+
Remaining Games: Tri-Town-III+, E.O. Smith/Tolland-II 
Shepaug-Litch.-Thom.-Nonn. 0 Overall: --
DI: 0-0-0
DII: 0-0-0
DIII: 0-0-0
Qualifiers: 0-0-0